House of Crossroads Centre Avenue

2012 Centre Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

About House of Crossroads Centre Avenue

The House of Crossroads Centre Avenue is a drug rehab and inpatient rehab facility located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The facility offers a variety of services to help those struggling with addiction, including detoxification, individual and group therapy, and aftercare planning. The House of Crossroads is dedicated to helping individuals achieve sobriety and live a life free from addiction.

Addiction Treatment Programs

  • Drug Rehab

    Drug Rehab

    The goal of a drug rehab in Pennsylvania is to give you the tools and skills you need to achieve long-term recovery. These treatment programs offer detox, inpatient treatment, and outpatient care. You may receive individual, group, and family counseling, peer support, and classes in essential life skills.

Insurance Coverage

  • Medicare


    Medicare is a good way to pay for substance use treatment in Pennsylvania. You’ll want to find a treatment center that accepts your Medicare plan and find out details about coverage and out-of-pocket costs.

  • Private insurance

    Private insurance

    One option for paying for rehab in Pennsylvania is using private insurance. Plans vary, so be sure to contact your insurance company to find out coverage details and what copayments or deductibles you might be responsible for.

  • Self-pay options

    Self-pay options

    Self-pay is an option for paying for rehab in Pennsylvania that maximizes your ability to choose the treatment center. You can use a medical loan, write a check, or electronically send money to the center. Payment arrangements may vary depending on the type of treatment

  • Sliding scale payment assistance

    Sliding scale payment assistance

    How do you pay for rehab in Pennsylvania? A good option is to look for programs with a sliding scale payment plan. Centers make lower fee arrangements for those in need based on income and family size. You may need to provide documentation.

Levels of Care

  • 1

    Inpatient Rehab

    For many people, it’s important to focus entirely on recovery without distractions, and inpatient treatment in Pennsylvania gives you that opportunity. Building a new life for yourself is challenging, and the focused, uninterrupted treatment you receive during inpatient care can help you lay that foundation.


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