Life Management Center Blountstown

16869 Northeast Pear Street
Blountstown, FL 32424

About Life Management Center Blountstown

The Life Management Center Blountstown is a comprehensive rehabilitation facility that offers a wide range of services to help those struggling with addiction and mental health issues. The center provides both inpatient and outpatient programs, as well as a variety of other services such as drug education and counseling. The experienced and caring staff at the Life Management Center Blountstown is dedicated to helping those in need overcome their challenges and start on the path to a better life.

Addiction Treatment Programs

  • Drug Rehab

    Drug Rehab

    Drug rehab in Florida helps clients find the motivation to make a change and gives them the tools to achieve long-term sobriety. Drug rehab may include detox, inpatient treatment, and/or outpatient care. You’ll learn the roots of addiction and learn how to build a substance-free life.

  • Dual Diagnosis

    Dual Diagnosis

    Mental health concerns and substance use are often linked, which is known as a dual diagnosis. The right rehab in Florida can help you break free. A dual diagnosis program uses evidence-based approaches to help you overcome both your mental health concerns and substance use. This may include mental health medication, counseling, and more.

  • Adult Program

    Adult Program

    An adult program in Florida addresses the recovery needs of clients in this life stage and gives them the tools they need to succeed. An adult program gives you the skills you need to overcome addiction and address the unique challenges of managing your work, relating to your family, raising children, and balancing a variety of other responsibilities

  • Young Adult Rehab

    Young Adult Rehab

    Young people need unique support, and a young adult rehab in the state of Florida helps them learn new life skills while overcoming addiction. A young adult program gives you the skills you need to overcome addiction and address the unique challenges of transitioning from the teen years to adulthood.




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