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About The Connection Inc Middletown

The Connection Inc Middletown provides high-quality drug rehab and dual diagnosis services to residents of Middletown Connecticut. Our outpatient rehab program offers a variety of services to help our clients overcome addiction and achieve lasting sobriety. Our highly trained staff provides individualized care to each of our clients, ensuring that they receive the treatment they need to recover and lead healthy, productive lives.

Addiction Treatment Programs

  • Drug Rehab

    Drug Rehab

    Drug rehab in Connecticut provides professional treatment to help clients overcome substance misuse and build a drug-free life. The rehab program may use multiple approaches, including nutrition, psychology, holistic methods, and support groups. These tools help you build a substance-free lifestyle and move into long-term recovery.

  • Dual Diagnosis

    Dual Diagnosis

    People with a dual diagnosis may be using substances to self-medicate. A high-quality rehab in Connecticut can address both issues and help you reach recovery. In dual diagnosis programs, the activities, peer support, and counseling are tailored to the unique needs of those with mental health concerns. This may include additional therapy, medication, or peer support.

Levels of Care

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    Outpatient Rehab

    If you’ve recently finished a residential treatment program, participating in outpatient treatment in Connecticut can help you reinforce and practice your new habits. During outpatient treatment, clients have independence outside of sessions, allowing them to work, attend school, and practice their new habits in real-world situations.


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