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Meriden, CT Drug & Alcohol Treatment Centers

Treatment Center Directory.com is the premier destination for locating alcohol treatment, drug addiction rehab centers and detox programs in Meriden, Connecticut. Our database of Meriden treatment centers includes 14 centers, facilities and doctors.

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NameAddress / PlatformTreatment ProgramsInsuranceRegion
The Connection Michael Perlin Center Meriden 178 State Street Detox / Outpatient Medicaid / Private Meriden
The Connection Court Support Services 174 State Street M Inpatient N/A Meriden
Easter Seal Rehabilitation Center 158 State Street M Inpatient N/A Meriden
Community Health Center Meriden 134 State Street Outpatient Medicaid / Private Meriden
Connecticut Junior Republic Meriden 1 Colony Street Outpatient Medicaid Meriden
Rehabilitation Associates Meriden 165 Miller Street M Inpatient N/A Meriden
Child Guidance Clinic Meriden 384 Pratt Street Outpatient Medicaid / Private Meriden
Midstate Medical Center Alcohol Services 435 Lewis Avenue M Inpatient N/A Meriden
Human Resource Education Institute 391 Broad Street M Inpatient N/A Meriden
Norwalk Rehabilitation Services 37 North Avenue N Inpatient N/A Meriden
Eastern Rehabilitation Network 1064 East Main Street Suite 205 M Inpatient N/A Meriden
Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic 845 Paddock Avenue M Outpatient N/A Meriden
Rushford Center Meriden 883 Paddock Avenue Inpatient / Outpatient Medicaid / Private Meriden
Continuum of Care Meriden 226 Collindale Drive Inpatient N/A Meriden
The Connection Inc Middletown 100 Roscommon Drive Outpatient N/A Middletown
Rushford House Durham 459 Wallingford Road Inpatient / Outpatient Medicaid / Private Durham
Rushford Center Cheshire 680 South Main Street Inpatient / Outpatient Medicaid / Private Cheshire
Connecticut Certification 100 South Turnpike Road Inpatient N/A Wallingford
Connection Mothers Retreat 955 South Main Street Inpatient N/A Middletown
Connection Mothers Retreat Middletown 955 South Main Street Inpatient N/A Middletown