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When a person becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol, the addiction takes over their life and significantly impacts their loved ones. For those who have a strong need of hope and guidance, it takes extra compassion and support than a person may be able to find in a rehab that focuses more on a clinical approach to treatment.

As a whole, we are all spiritual in nature whether we recognize that part of our nature or not. Christian treatment centers help a person to connect with that part of themselves that they have become separated from and they learn how to accept themselves as well as others, building a stronger foundation to cope with their addiction and other struggles in their life.

How Christian Addiction Treatment Works?

Christian treatment facilities are based on faith based principles found in the Bible. When a person becomes addicted, the drugs or alcohol change the way their brains function and they become desensitized to things that most of us consider highly valuable such as family, health, priorities, and inspiration. The Bible is a moral compass that guides us in these relationships and gives us an inner peace by focusing on the teachings of Christ and the healing power of grace.

Christian addiction programs provide many of the same services as a traditional rehab such as safe detox, counseling, and support, while combining these services with religious concepts through biblical instructions, prayer, pastoral guidance, and the reliance on faith in God to provide healing and courage.

12-Step Group Support

A Christian addiction rehab center may use the Lord’s Prayer from the bible as a beginning foundation for these meetings or the Serenity Prayer adopted from the Alcoholics Anonymous Group. The reliance on a higher power helps the person to find peace within themselves, realize that they are not alone, and to value caring about others, doing the right things, and understanding their importance and place in the world.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, “participation in group therapy and other peer support programs during and following treatment can help maintain abstinence.”

Is this the Treatment Right for My Loved One? Even if your loved one is not a Christian, a Christian treatment center is beneficial and supportive of their condition and they will be encouraged in their abstinence while building self-awareness and learning coping mechanisms to lead a sober and gratifying life.

They will be able to recognize their behaviors and find guidance as they focus on recovery and changes that will help them to be more productive in society, rebuild relationships, and gain valuable access to knowledge and resources that will sustain their recovery when they need it. All in all, Christian addiction treatment is an ideal choice for anyone who is spiritually centered around the Bible or who would like to be more centered around such.

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