Prestera Center Prestera Addictions Recovery Center

96 Maccorkle Ave. South
Charleston, WV 25303

About Prestera Center Prestera Addictions Recovery Center

Prestera Center is a drug rehab and outpatient rehab center located in Charleston, West Virginia. The center offers individual therapy and group therapy to help people overcome addiction.

Addiction Treatment Programs

  • Drug Rehab

    Drug Rehab

    Drug rehab in West Virginia helps clients find the motivation to make a change and gives them the tools to achieve long-term sobriety. Drug treatment programs address the mental, emotional, and relational issues that may contribute to addiction. You’ll learn to build a new support network that supports your long-term sobriety.

Levels of Care

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    Outpatient Rehab

    If you want to attend school or work during rehab, consider outpatient treatment in West Virginia. You’ll live independently except when you’re attending rehab. Outpatient treatment is commonly a follow-up to residential treatment and may be used to help with skill-building, education, and to practice your new habits in daily life.


  • Individual Therapy

    Individual Therapy

    Individual therapy in West Virginia helps clients overcome substance use by providing individualized, confidential support. Individual focuses on improving both behavioral and emotional health. You may explore thought processes, develop motivation to change, and/or explore past events that may have played a part in your substance use.


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