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About Koller Behavioral Health Services Eagle River

Koller Behavioral Health Services Eagle River specializes in drug and alcohol rehabilitation. They offer both inpatient and outpatient rehab services. They have a team of experienced and qualified staff who are dedicated to helping their patients overcome addiction. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, please contact Koller Behavioral Health Services Eagle River. They can help!

Addiction Treatment Programs

  • Drug Rehab

    Drug Rehab

    The best way to achieve recovery from substance use disorder is by completing a high-quality drug rehab in Wisconsin and applying the tools you learn to stay in recovery. In a drug treatment program you’ll not only receive treatment, but you’ll participate in activities, receive peer support, and learn how to have fun without substance use.

Insurance Coverage

  • Medicaid


    How do you pay for rehab in Wisconsin? If you qualify, a good option is Medicaid. Medicaid covers multiple levels of care, and you may have no out-of-pocket costs. However, you’ll need to choose a treatment center that accepts Medicaid.

  • Medicare


    Paying for rehab in Oklahoma can be done in multiple ways, including using Medicare. You may have out-of-pocket costs such as a deductible or copay, and you’ll want to look for a treatment center that accepts your Medicare coverage.

  • Private insurance

    Private insurance

    There are many ways to pay for rehab in Wisconsin. One option is private insurance. Different plans have different coverage levels, so be sure to check with your insurance company for details. You may be responsible for certain costs, such as copayments and deductibles.

  • Military insurance

    Military insurance

    If you have military insurance in Wisconsin, you can use your coverage to help pay for rehab treatment. Because plans vary, be sure to contact the insurer to find out what centers are in-network with your coverage and to find out what out-of-pocket costs you might be responsible for.

  • Self-pay options

    Self-pay options

    In Wisconsin, you have multiple options for paying for rehab, one of which is self-pay. When you use a medical loan, write a check, or electronically transfer money, you have maximum freedom in choosing the treatment center you prefer.

  • Sliding scale payment assistance

    Sliding scale payment assistance

    Finding a rehab in Wisconsin with a sliding scale payment plan can help make treatment more affordable. A sliding scale allows those in need to pay less for treatment based on their income and family size. You may have to provide financial documentation.

Levels of Care

  • 1

    Outpatient Rehab

    Outpatient treatment in Wisconsin can provide a great way to practice and reinforce new habits formed in residential rehab programs. Building a new life for yourself takes time, and it’s important to have enough support throughout the process. Outpatient treatment allows you to have more intensive or less intensive help, depending on your needs.


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