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Finding Free Substance Abuse Treatment Centers

Considering the high price tag that comes with drug treatment, finding a free drug treatment center may well require a little research and legwork.

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Finding Free Substance Abuse Treatment Centers

Alcohol and drug addictions take an ongoing toll on individuals, families and communities as well as on the nation's economic costs. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the overall costs of addiction in areas involving crime, health care, worker productivity and incarceration run an estimated $524 billion dollars per year.

For these reason, free drug addition treatment centers and low-cost treatment options have been made available to people wanting to break the hold of addiction on their lives. While certain cost factors do determine how free drug treatment centers manage their expenses, financial assistance from government agencies have opened up a wide range of free substance abuse treatment centers from which to choose.

Addiction Recovery Cost Factors

Free drug abuse recovery programs rely on the availability of funding sources to offer treatment on a no cost basis. Funding sources can vary depending on the location of a treatment facility as well as whether a particular facility is eligible for the different types of funding.

Percentage-wise, private nonprofit agencies make up 73.8 percent of the facilities offering free drug treatment, according to the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration. So anyone looking for free drug treatment will want to start with the private nonprofit facilities in his or her local area.

Substance Addiction Treatment State-Funded Programs

State-funded treatment programs rely on grant monies issued by state and federal governments. Free recovery centers receiving state funding run the gamut in terms of the types of programs available. State-funded programs typically include:

As people already receiving state assistance often turn to these types of programs for help, state-funded drug treatment facilities will likely have long waiting lists.

Faith-Based Addiction Programs

Interestingly enough, faith-based free drug treatment centers were in existence long before professional drug treatment programs. Religious organizations have long been advocates for people struggling with addiction issues.

Faith-Based Programs to Consider

More oftentimes than not, these programs incorporate spiritual principles and practices into their overall treatment approaches. For people who abide by a religious tradition, faith-based treatment programs may work especially well with addressing their treatment needs.

Addiction Recovery Community Resources

Once a person gains a firm footing in the recovery process, community-based resources can offer valuable sources of ongoing, long-term support. Community resources offering free drug treatment center services include:

These programs follow a support group-type model where participants benefit from sharing experiences and offering support and guidance. While Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous groups incorporate spiritual principles into their overall philosophy, SMART Recovery groups follow a more practical, real world approach for overcoming addiction in everyday life.

Affordable Addiction Treatment Options

Considering the high price tag that comes with drug treatment, finding a free drug treatment center may well require a little research and legwork. As many drug treatment programs do offer a sliding-fee payment scale based on a person's income, these programs may offer a reasonable alternative when free drug treatment options are lacking.

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