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Choosing an Addiction Treatment Center

The most important aspect of addiction treatment is that it is specific to the addict's needs so consider all of options before choosing a center.

Info iconWho am I Calling?
Choosing an Addiction Treatment Center

Making an informed decision when choosing your treatment center can be very influential on your recovery. People who decide to seek help at a treatment center for their substance addictions are making a great choice already, but certain types of centers are better for certain individuals.

Why is Choosing a Treatment Center So Important?

The CDC states that "treatment programs work better if they are tailored to the person's characteristics and needs. No single type of treatment is appropriate for everyone." This is very important to remember. Just because someone else found success with one type of treatment program does not mean that you will and vice-versa. Make sure to think about your needs when choosing a facility. Some people want more hands-on care while others want less; some people will need access to the outside world while others would be better set in a controlled environment for a while.

The drug abuse itself is also a factor, including its severity and the type of drug abused. Here are some questions to ask yourself before choosing a facility:

You don't need to know the answers to all of these questions, but if you consider them, it will help you choose the facility more easily.

Inpatient Facilities vs. Outpatient Facilities

Inpatient centers are normally chosen by those patients with severe addictions and a great need for a controlled environment while they are going through rehab. Outpatient facilities, while utilizing many of the same techniques including medically-assisted detox and behavioral therapy, allow patients to leave after a session. Inpatient facilities can be more expensive but are often worth it for people who need the extra care.

The NCBI sites a study which found that "patients with low psychiatric severity and/or a good social support system may do well as outpatients without incurring the higher cost of inpatient treatment." Those who have a higher psychiatric severity, stronger addictions, or lack support systems should consider inpatient treatment.

There are also other factors that patients may want to consider before choosing a facility. Many people have already been in rehab before, and it did not work out the way they'd hoped: they were able to hold onto sobriety for a while and then relapsed. If you are one of these individuals, consider a different method than before, one that may help the treatment stick longer.

Some patients need to attend several rehab centers over time in order to always be working on their addictions. Yet others are concerned with their privacies and choose private rehab centers which, though expensive, can be quite beneficial. Some do not have the funds required for a facility like this. The most important aspect of your treatment is that it is specific to you and your needs, so consider all of your options and necessities before choosing a center.

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