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5 Benefits of Choosing a Local Addiction Recovery Center

Local addiction recovery centers can make it so that you are able to both receive your treatment and live your life.

Info iconWho am I Calling?
5 Benefits of Choosing a Local Addiction Recovery Center

Local addiction recovery centers can be an important step toward your recovery. For many people, addiction recovery centers are necessary and choosing a local facility can make it much easier to receive treatment. Here are five benefits of choosing a local addiction recovery center.

  1. No Travel Costs - Some people decide to travel in order to receive the treatment they need, often at an inpatient treatment center. But traveling can be very costly for a patient. He or she will usually have to pay airfare and other travel costs which will not be covered by insurance. A local addiction recovery center will require no traveling fees because it is located in your area.
  2. Support System Proximity - A study from the NCBI states that patients with "a good social support system may do well as outpatients." This means that patients with friends and family nearby who can aid them in their recoveries receive benefits that those without support systems do not. Also they can sometimes attend outpatient addiction recovery centers which means they may be able to avoid "incurring the higher costs of inpatient treatment." Even if you do need inpatient treatment, some facilities may allow visitation or even provide family therapy which can be incredibly beneficial. Those who receive treatment far away will not have their friends and family members close by which can actually be detrimental to recovery.
  3. Daily Visits - Many outpatient treatment facilities require daily visits, especially at first. For example, in methadone maintenance clinics, "doses of 60-120 mg/day are required for most patients" (CDC). Choosing a local clinic could make places like this available to you while clinics that are farther away could be harder to get to and one may have to relocate. Considering that outpatient treatment facilities can require daily visits, at least initially, local centers can provide you with this option.
  4. Familiarity - If you take on your treatment in your own town, it may be much more beneficial to you. Even those who need inpatient treatment will be much less displaced after treatment is over if they do not leave the city or state for their treatment. It is hard enough to finish treatment and step back into the world, but doing so while having been in a completely different environment for at least three months might make it much harder to get back into your new, sober life. Staying local while going through recovery treatment may give you a sense of familiarity while you are taking on a difficult task.
  5. Live Your Life - For many, local treatment means the ability to live their lives while they are going through recovery treatment. Patients may choose outpatient treatment facilities so that they can stay a part of their daily routine, or they may choose to attend inpatient treatment. Either way, many people are able to interact with their families and loved ones this way and stay in their local communities. Most patients will return to their regular lives at least to some degree after treatment. Local addiction recovery centers can make it so that you are able to both receive your treatment and live your life.

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